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Slept in a bit, but not too late. Woke up before my alarm was going to go off. Grabbed a latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL.

Daniel had sent a series of messages in the middle of the night, this time accusing me of faking a pregnancy to rope him in. I was so pissed. I’m tired of the accusations. I’m getting faint positive home pregnancy tests and all the pregnancy symptoms. IF for some reason I am indeed NOT pregnant, there is SOMETHING going on with me and it’s putting me through HELL. I need support and understanding, not accusations!

Swim lessons were at 9:30, I went ahead and took Casey even though I wasn’t sure he’d participate. He didn’t want to get in the water or participate much at all until it was “free time” at the end, and then only for a few minutes because the other kids were splashing and he was getting upset. I held him close and reminded him it was just his sensory issues, and he just appeared broken. I can only imagine how he feels, knowing he’s different, knowing that he should be able to have fun like the other kids but can’t because it feels different to him. I talked with the instructor about putting him in private lessons instead, and the instructor said that he also has some sensory issues and knows exactly how it is, and agreed that doing half hour private sessions would be better for Casey. I filled out a form and they’ll be in touch. I’m not even going to bother taking Casey to next week’s make-up day.

Headed back home and took care of my free book & paid emails while Casey got on Super Mario Maker. Was talking with Cyn for a while and then eventually we got on the Egyptian Minecraft world. But then she had to go shortly after we got on, Jordan’s grandmother’s birthday had been the day before and they were going to go visit her. I logged out of the world just after she did, I didn’t feel like playing in it alone. I had at least gotten Casey’s bridge dismantled and the statue rebuilt that he’d partially destroyed for it. And yes, he knew that I was going to be doing that, I wouldn’t just take his stuff apart without him knowing.

I got to talk to Colin for a bit and told him about me not wanting to take more pregnancy tests because it was getting expensive, but that I knew I could also buy the strips in bulk for a better price. I looked on Amazon and found some “extra sensitive” early result tests, so ordered those to be delivered Monday. It’s basically 30 strips for the price of one test.

In the mid-afternoon, my craving for Mexican food finally got to the point where I could no longer refuse to give in to it. I’d been wanting Mexican for quite a few days, so I thought it’d be nice if I took Casey to the restaurant here in town. I asked if there was anything at all he could eat, that he doesn’t normally get to eat, what would it be? He gave me some silly answers of things he does normally get to eat before finally he said, excitedly, tacos!! We headed to the restaurant a little after 4.

The food was good, I got the Quesadilla Fajitas. I could only eat half, as usual, so got a box to take the rest home. Dave was just getting home when we got back.

Casey settled in with some shows about Super Mario Maker on the Roku downstairs, and I headed up to my room.

Daniel had finally seen my long reply while we’d been at dinner, so I was chatting with Cyn while waiting to see if he’d respond. Finally her and I ended up getting back on Minecraft, at least it was something to do while I waited for something from him.

Got Casey to bed about the usual time. A few days ago I had gotten a free kindle book about Minecraft, “Diary of a Surfer Villager.” I read that to him as a surprise, he was excited. He said he wanted me to read him a Mario chapter book after we were done with this one. So, once he was snuggled in, I looked on Amazon and was actually able to find a Mario-related book.

Cyn and I had been trying to find some randomly spawned backpacks in the Minecraft world, that’s one of the addons I installed. Neither of us were finding them, so I checked the addon’s page and saw that it had just been updated the day before, that they no longer spawn but have to be crafted. I downloaded the update and spent quite a while trying to get it to work. My game kept thinking I still had the old addon installed and didn’t want to install the new version correctly. I finally got it working for me when I removed the addon from each world manually, removed the addon from the game’s storage, AND went into the world files in file explorer and manually deleted all the folders from there. But then Cyn wasn’t able to see the backpacks, it never prompted her to download the new addon so her computer was acting like the old one was still there. I sent an email to the creator, and we went about exploring a different world: Inspiration Island. It seemed like a silly world at first, but then it turned out to be pretty awesome.

She was curious to see, if she opened a message with Daniel, if it would show he was online. She accidentally sent him a “thumbs up” sign, and I about died laughing. It was kinda like saying “way to go asshole.”

Stayed up checking out that world until a little after midnight, then went ahead and got ready for bed.

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