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I had woken up super early, expecting Daniel, but he wasn’t awake so I’d gone back to snoozing for a while. Finally I got up and got my latte while the computer booted, then parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, and waited for Daniel.

He finally arrived, we did our thing, and then he had to go to work. He always apologizes profusely when he has to go right after, but he did let me hold him for a bit before he left. He also said he wanted to get the boys together after school, take them to the park or something. And he asked if I’d be able to get Michael from school if he wasn’t off work in time. I said that’d be fine, the boys would love it and I still had the car seat for Michael anyway.

As he was trying to leave, his car wouldn’t start because he’d left the lights on, so I went out and moved my car so he could jump his. Then, a while after he had left, I noticed in the mirror that he’d done quite a number on my makeup, so I mentioned that in a message to him. He’d “seen” that message, and I’d seen he had started typing but never sent anything. Then I was restarting my browser after taking care of my free book and paid emails, and I saw a post he’d made about his car dying right after he got off the interstate on his way to work. I sent a couple messages checking if he needed any help, that I could drive him to the job site or whatever, but never heard anything back.

I got on ArcheAge and did my morning gardening. I started working on running my Gilda trade packs, and a guildie asked if anyone could help him with his so we partied and he drove me around for mine. Then we got to where his were and he discovered he still had to wait 6 hours anyway. I say he, but it’s a female character. I know too many dudes with female characters to keep calling female character’s “she.”

My new headset had arrived shortly before it was time to go get Casey, so I listened to some music through my phone and played around more on ArcheAge. Colin finally got back up and was ready to get on a call not long before I left as well, so we were able to test out the call quality. It was pretty good on my end, and he said it was good on his end as well. I was hearing a constant static noise, but it honestly came across as more of a white noise than anything. Maybe it’d help my tinnitus.

Daniel messaged that he was fine and that Michael would be riding the bus after school and Daniel would be going to pick him up later. I sent a few messages about how the boys were supposed to play together after school and I was irritated he’d gone and changed his mind.

Got Casey from school and went to Walmart to pick out a present for his friend Bryce, since his birthday party was the next day. I asked both parents what kinds of things Bryce liked, because Casey wanted to get him something he knew he’d like. With information in hand, he picked out an awesome Fortnite Nerf Gun. We also picked up Casey’s Luigi costume for Halloween, then headed home.

Casey got on the Nintendo to work on his newly unlocked special levels in Super Mario 3D Land, and I got back on ArcheAge. For the most part, that is how we spent the remainder of the evening.

Got Casey to bed at the usual time, after participating in the daily reset raid on ArcheAge, then I did Halcy. I spent a little bit more time on and did a raid I’d never done before, Aegis Island. It was fun and I got some honor out of it. Then I was falling asleep while trying to help the guildie deliver their packs, so when he had to go AFK I went to bed.

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