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I slept in a little bit since Casey didn’t have school. Once I was ready to get up, I got some coffee while the computer booted. I was able to take care of my free book & paid emails pretty much right away. Then I spent a little while looking at Facebook before I dove into work.

After a couple hours of work, I was ready for a break. Kinda sad, I only have to work 4 hours a day but barely make it 2 before I’m ready to be done. If this project weren’t so incredibly easy and simple, maybe I’d be more inclined to knock out my 4 hours all at once. But, at the same time, it’s so easy and simple that I can multitask and do other enjoyable things while still working and earning money.

I spoke to Brian a bit and tried to arrange meeting him, but he pulled some excuse about having to clean his bike, talking as though that would take him all night. I can’t deal with stupid bullshit excuses like that again. There’s no reason you can’t make a firm plan for later in the evening, like going out and getting drinks or something. I explained that I would need to make plans in advance to ensure I have someone to watch Casey.

Casey’s school had sent a flier home yesterday about a Trunk or Treat at the Tomah V.A. I asked Casey if he wanted to go, and he said yes. I was happy to get out of the house for a while and felt that we both needed to do something outdoors that did not involve playing a game, even though we’ll be spending most of tomorrow outdoors without games. There was also another Trunk or Treat afterward at the Chamber of Commerce, so I thought we’d probably go to it as well.

The first Trunk or Treat was not bad at all. Casey didn’t want to play any of the games, which I thought was odd but accepted it and told him he didn’t have to if he didn’t want to. We spent a good bit of time there enjoying the festivities. Inside they were showing some Charlie Brown movies and had refreshments and coloring for the kids.

Once Casey was ready to leave, we headed to Culver’s for some early dinner. Casey even had time for his ice cream before it was time to head to the Chamber.

The Chamber event wasn’t as exciting as far as Trunks were concerned, but he did get to paint a pumpkin so it wasn’t all bad.

Once we were done there, we headed back home. I spent some more time on Facebook, and Dave got ready to head to Jennifer’s. See, I knew if I didn’t have my plans finalized and communicated earlier in the day he would do that. I can’t say I minded a whole lot. I’d get the house pretty much to myself and get a snuggly Max in my bed overnight.

Casey was watching stuff on his phone, so I went ahead and got in the shower. After my shower, I got back to work.

I got an hour of work done before getting Casey ready for bed and then finished another hour after. Then I watched an episode each of NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans. Now it’s starting to get late and I’m getting tired, so I’m just going to shut down and go to bed. I wanted to get this typed up now so I don’t have to boot up the computer in the morning. I will need to pack our stuff for Spook O Ree right away so we can head out and get breakfast on the way to Camp Decorah.

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