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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then got Casey some breakfast before taking him to school. I headed back home after dropping him off to grab the overnight pulse oximeter I’d been forgetting to use since I’d finally used it the night before. I took it back to Mayo clinic and dropped it off, then headed back home again.

I took care of my free book & paid emails, then got started on some more online Census training. I worked on that for a couple hours, then relaxed for a bit before picking Casey up from school.

We came straight home after I picked him up, and I started working on the Truckee ad-rating shortly after. Once Truckee was done, I got started on some more Census training. I completed the rest of the training in a couple hours’ time, then had the rest of the day to relax.

I got on Minecraft for an hour or so with Casey, then got in the shower. Then I got on Black Desert and made sure I was caught up on processing and cooking, then made sure I’d deposited the energy into the Tin node so I can (hopefully) produce more tin, then got on Saints with Cyn until she was ready for bed. I made sure to park at one of our “cribs” and then got on Grand Theft Auto to spin the wheel before going to bed myself.

I can’t lie, I was disappointed to not have heard anything from Brad considering I’d been feeling courageous all day. I actually felt like I’d be able to get the words out to him, but he didn’t respond to my texts.

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