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I slept in later than anticipated again. I haven’t been sleeping the best lately. It feels like I’m sleeping too deep. Anyway, I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails before hopping on Fallout 76 for the day.

Dave asked me to finish my laundry so he could get started on his. I had another load to throw in, but oh well.

Casey kept getting sent to sit on the toilet, and eventually clogged mine up. The clog was so bad that it kept overflowing, leaving my bathroom floor a huge mess. I ended up having to put a load of wet towels in the wash as well. I’d thought the clog was working it’s way out, but no. The toilet overflowed again, resulting in more wet towels and another messy bathroom floor. I was highly agitated about it.

With all that going on, I was still keeping laundry going at a semi-steady pace. I didn’t care, though, if Dave got to start his laundry or if he had to wait another day.

At one point during the day, I got on Aura Kingdom to check things. I hadn’t been on in a bit and do miss getting on there. I would enjoy it more if I could still play with Cyn though.

We managed to get Casey to bed a little closer to his usual bedtime, but not by much. Once he was tucked in, it was back to Fallout 76.

I got a weird text from Brad asking me if I was trying to get his attention. I didn’t know what he was referring to, and he said it was because of AFF telling him I was looking at his profile. I said that as much as I would enjoy his attention, that was not the reason for me looking at his profile. The truth is, his profile had briefly said he was bisexual and that had me all hot and bothered. It wasn’t like that for long, and I was being nosy by checking his profile periodically.

A couple hours later, I was in the middle of stuff with some new friends on Fallout when I got another text inviting me over. I went on over. I didn’t even care that I’d left the bathroom a mess, with the toilet still clogged even. Brad and I chatted for a while after I got there. When I started yawning he shut everything down and we went to bed.

The lovemaking was surreal. We were entangled and caressing and it was just out of this world. And then when I was done we went to sleep.

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