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I got up and got my coffee while the computer booted, then got dressed while also getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I dropped him off at school at the usual time but noticed he’d forgotten his glasses at home. I asked if he wanted me to go get them and bring them to him, and he said yes. It was when I was on my way home to get his glasses that I remembered about his library books needing to be returned to the school library as well. I grabbed his glasses and library books and headed back to the school to drop them off for him.

I took care of my free book & paid emails as they came in, then fiddled around on the computer for a little while. I ended up heading to Aldi, for lack of anything better to do and also because I needed a few groceries. Once I’d gotten everything I felt I needed, I headed back home and put everything away before getting back on the computer.

I ended up actually getting on Minecraft on the Xbox and messed around in Mineville High School Roleplay, with the backpack mod added and education edition enabled.

I picked Casey up from school at the usual time, and he asked when we could go to the car wash. We headed to the car wash, then home. Once we got home, I cleaned the insides of my windows since they had residue on them from me vaping in the car.

I played some more on Minecraft before I tried to get on Fallout 4 on the Xbox. I got an error that was related to my network connection. When I looked into it I saw recommendations about resetting the Xbox while leaving the games and apps installed. I went ahead and reset the Xbox and got on Fallout 4 and played that for a little while before eventually getting on Astellia for the daily login stuff.

Casey was asking about a “slumber party” but I was hoping that Brad would come over since it’s been a while since I’ve had a man in my bed and Dave was at Jennifer’s. Since I said no to a slumber party, Casey took his phone to bed with him. I let him have something to watch in bed about once or twice a month, so I didn’t argue. I tucked him in and got back to the computer.

I talked to Daniel for quite a while. He kept trying to get me to come over there, but I had to keep telling him that I don’t want to do that to Brad, and also that Casey was in bed. We talked regardless and he sure makes it sound like he’s trying to turn his life around, but how can anyone be so sure when he’s been such a player up to this point? Say things didn’t work out with Brad and I decided to give Daniel another try, how could I ever possibly trust him to be faithful to me?

Cyn and I ran a dungeon in Astellia, but otherwise, we were worried if we got too involved in something and Brad texted, we’d be disappointed. Well, she’d be more disappointed than I would be. We sat around just chatting for a while, and eventually, I got tired enough to go to bed.

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