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I was having a dream that I was swimming and a bee kept buzzing around my head. I kept putting my head underwater trying to get away from it, but one time when I came up for air it got under my hair at the back of my neck. The next thing I know, I’m awake and falling out of bed.

I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then scrolled through Facebook for a bit while waiting on my free book & paid emails to come in. I took care of my emails as they arrived, then got on ArcheAge to check my gardens.

Casey and I went to Walmart to get a couple things for him, including some suppositories. When we got home and used one, he felt like he had to go almost right away. Finally, we had success! Since he’d finally pooped, there was a good chance he wouldn’t have the problem of being distracted by electronics and that causing huge messes in his underpants. So, I let him have his electronics back.

I got on SL and spent a good bit of the day on there. I listed the KittyCats and St. Bernards that I had, which took a bit more time since I had to get information about each one before listing it. After that, I spent a bit of time rearranging some things at the house, and I was quite pleased with how it turned out. A part of me wants to try another of the home options, but I’m so happy with the one I’ve been using.

I got on Astellia around the usual time for the daily login timer and scrolled through Facebook some more while waiting on that. I also got Casey to get ready for bed. He was watching a video on his phone and wanted to keep watching it. I told him this would be the last time for March since he’d already had the phone in bed twice this month. He will probably forget and we’ll have an issue about it the next time he wants to go to bed watching stuff.

I sent Brad a text and got a response almost right away. He’s been good, just busy. I told him Dave was out of town, but that I would like to hang out. That we could watch a movie or something if he wanted to come over. He said he’d let me know.

I got on Fallout 76 on the Xbox for a while and played on there. It was still just me playing solo, so I didn’t do a whole lot. I heard from Brad that he was hopping in the shower and for me to pick out a good movie. I asked what genre, and he said he was in the mood for horror, thriller, or suspense. I thought horror might be good, but I don’t usually watch horror and wasn’t sure what to pick so I asked Cyn. She suggested either It or Pet Sematary. I went with the latter.

Brad got here around 10:30 and we got ready to start the movie. I told him I’d never seen it, and he couldn’t believe it. He said he was going to really enjoy it, just because it was a fucked up movie and I’d never seen it.

The movie was good, it was certainly fucked up though. Once it was over, we headed to bed. He was getting all comfy with his head at the wrong end, on top of the covers and surrounded by all my pillows, while I was shutting things down and getting undressed. I started removing the pillows from around him, and he got up to help. We did some extreme snuggling before falling asleep.

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