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Brad and I were good and didn’t oversleep Friday morning. We got disentangled from each other, out of bed and dressed, and headed downstairs. I was feeling groggy but happy. I want nothing more than to wake up in his arms every day for the rest of my life.

I headed home and got some coffee, then checked to see if Blade & Soul had ever updated. It hadn’t, and there was some sort of error, but when I tried again it worked. While that ran in the background, I messed around on Facebook until my free book & paid emails had all arrived. I took care of those, then had Casey get dressed so we could go to Walmart.

We spent more than I would have liked but didn’t get much more than what was needed. We headed to the car wash after and then home. We got the groceries put away, then I had Casey start on a bit of schoolwork. He didn’t have anything assigned from his teacher, but he was asking about doing some anyway.

I tested Blade & Soul and it worked, but I didn’t do anything else on it. I had to run it as an administrator to get it to work. I finally texted Cyn and let her know how I got it to run. She’d gotten network errors herself and ended up getting some sketchy advice from customer support after contacting them about it. I guess she was still beyond pissed about the support she’d received, but we chatted for a bit anyway.

I found a new email client to use. I’d been using eM Client because it has a calendar and task list in addition to the email. The new client, Mailbird, has even more features. In the pane where eM Client showed the agenda or chats, Mailbird also lets me view Google Keep, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or even Chrome browser! That will be so useful to me. They offered a 50% discount on a personal license and I loved the client so much I went for it.

I sent Brad a highly suggestive text since we hadn’t gone as far as I would have liked the night before. I didn’t expect a response but hoped for one because I wanted to see him again already. Shit, I always want to see him.

I got on Black Desert but wasn’t doing anything, so I ended up getting on Minecraft. I was only on there a few minutes when I was asked if I wanted to do some boss scrolls on Black Desert, so I switched back.

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