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Freaky Fun Friday

So, last night, Casey just wanted a super quick bath. I just wanted to rest my freaking leg for a bit while he soaked. Oh well. No rest for the weary!

Got on Wiz. Did this thing called Krokopatra’s Exalted Duel 4 times with a friend and a couple of his friends. It was fun. Got a couple of halfway decent drops. Nothing spectacular.

After that it was time for bed.

More of the same, didn’t sleep well, woke up with a headache. I wished I hadn’t needed to set my alarms, but we had the play date with Elijah.

Got to McD’s about 10 minutes late. Had tons of fun and took some pics of the besties together. Talked with Gina, Elijah’s mom, about my worries with my upcoming surgery.

Mostly just worried about the everyday things with it. Who’s going to cook? Who’s going to clean? How will I get in and out of the shower with one leg?

I need to relax, breathe. It will work out. It will be ok.

Spent the afternoon on Wiz watching my Couch Potatoes plant waiting for it to turn elder lol. It was 20 hours behind the others and I was impatient so I could re-do the garden plots to plant more of them.

Was folding Casey’s laundry and the pain in my knee had me near tears. Then I remembered that I didn’t just have to cook, but still had to take care of the dishes, too. That sent me to tears.

Got the laundry done and rested a little bit. Then took care of the dishes. Then rested again. Then cooked dinner.

It was a steak home chef. It was ok. I don’t like the cuts of steak they tend to send. They’re too thick and end up dry to me. Dave said his was fine.

He mentioned the whole plant based life and how it’s so much better for you and so on and so forth. I kinda just sat there, not saying anything. He eventually asked if we’d ever see eye to eye on anything. I expressed my belief that there are nutrients in meat that you can’t get elsewhere. He asked “like what?” I said I didn’t know, I’d have to do some research so I could have an educated discussion with him. I told him, I don’t think I could ever give up meat entirely, though. I love it too much.

After dinner I did more of the same. Watching Couch Potatoes. Then someone in the Discord group said they wanted to hatch with a pet of mine, a “Majestic Plushie.” So I trained it to adult, which it has to be to hatch. While waiting for him to be ready to hatch with me, I played Jenga with Casey. And lost. Again. Then I relogged on SL so I could change for my DJ gig tonight. Also managed to get the hatching done after I was changed in SL.

Then Casey started getting fussy, because Dave told him to get his PJs on and he was scared to go into his bedroom alone. I bet it was because it’s thunderstorming. Casey said he was scared there was a monster in there. I ended up diffusing the situation by standing in Casey’s room with him while he changed.

Got his important stuff done and got him tucked into my bed. I’m excited to have a snuggle buddy tonight!

Managed to check in right on time, get my set ready before I had to send out the group notice, sent out the notice on time, and got the stream perfectly. Idk how I did it, I felt like I was SO far behind!

That’s where I leave this. About to DJ in SL.

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