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Freaky Friday

Naturally, I didn’t sleep very well Thursday night. When I woke up, I was in kinda a strange position, and my knee was extra sore. Nevertheless, got Casey up at his usual time and off to school.

Hobbled back to the house, grabbed an ice pack for my knee, and sat down to get on SL and get dressed, get on Wiz and check my gardens, then get on Sims 4.

Heard from Colin a little after 8, got to talk to him while we both played Sims.

My dad arrived around 11 so he could get Casey off the bus. I wasn’t sure if we’d be going out for lunch like we had been, or staying in. We ended up staying in, which was fine with me. I heated up one of the “side dishes” Dave had bought for me. All freakin’ healthy choice and Atkins weight loss bs. Bastard.

I’d forgotten to start my laundry earlier, but it was just as well because my dad needed to do his.

Once Casey and I each had our lunches, I popped some popcorn for Casey to have in the new popcorn bucket Dave had bought him, and we all went downstairs to pick out a movie to watch. Casey picked “Road Chip.” He’d seen it a few times, but I hadn’t watched it with him. It was a super cute and funny movie!

After the movie, my dad went down to do some stuff with his laundry, so I took mine and Casey’s stuff down to wash. My dad was all like, “Oh, I could have done that for you.” Yeah, I should have probably asked him to, but I didn’t want to ask him to scoop the litter box, because it’s a gross chore, so I had to go down there anyway. Anyway, I noticed that Dave’s stuff was sitting on top of the dryer, and could tell that it’d been dried in the dryer. Usually his stuff is fine to put in the dryer, but this particular stuff needed to be hung up. Oh well, he should have taken care of it his damn self if that’s the case. Got my stuff in the washer, and then scooped the cat box.

When we went back up to the living room, Casey wanted to play Sonic with Grampy. I kept telling him I didn’t Grampy would play Sonic, but Grampy surprised me! They played for quite a bit!

Around 3, after a bit of watching them, I made myself a cup of tea and headed back to my computer. I guess a few hours of socialization was enough for this gal lol. Didn’t really do much of anything, just a tiny bit of tinkering with my web site. I’d remembered about a picture I’d taken but hadn’t added to the collage, so did that, and checked to see if any of the “apps” had updates.

Colin told me about an email he’d gotten for Wiz that they brought a bunch of pets back and had them on sale for up to 50% off. So, I checked to see if that applied to the special Grub Guardian pets, but it didn’t.

So, my friend Mandie posted on FB about a line of natural cleaning products she’d found that were pretty reasonably priced. I looked into it and decided to order a starter pack, which cost about $40. For as often as I use the clorox wipes, it’ll be an adjustment… but I always wash my hands after using ANY cleaning products because of the harmful chemicals getting on my skin! I would have bought a kit from Young Living, but it’s just too damn expensive! So I’m excited to try this brand. Well, I had to use Dave’s toilet because Casey was on ours, and the little shit never told me he’d bought the hand soap made by the company I just ordered from! It’s called Mrs. Meyers. I smelled his soap and it smells great. I would have tested it, but I was in the process of washing my hands with other soap when I noticed it.

For dinner I had another of those “side dishes.” Really not filling. Tasty, but lacking any real sustenance.

After dinner, I did some playing on Grub Guardian on the computer. It was kinda fun, and kinda easier than using a phone or tablet. Dave got home while I was playing it. I just kept playing.

When it got to be about Casey’s bed time, I had him start doing his important stuff. He was lolly gagging though, so I went and washed some dishes. He’d been asking about a slumber party all week, and I told him maybe that night. I wasn’t going to offer, but if he asked I knew I’d say yes. He didn’t ask. Got him tucked in and went back to some more Grub Guardian.

I fully intended to do something else in the evening, but after several games of Grub Guardian I was too tired and just went to bed. It was a bit earlier than expected, too, about 10:30 I think.

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