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Finally got sleep!

I am so happy, I finally got sleep!! The last thing I remember hearing last night was the timer going off, when dinner was ready. I must have fallen asleep right after that, and then woke up about quarter till 7 this morning. Around 12 hours of sleep! I usually don’t like to sleep that long, but after getting such horrible sleep the last several weeks, and no sleep the night before last, I cherished every minute of it! I slept through the phone ringing, a voicemail alert, and several twitter updates. Dave said he was glad I slept through dinner, cuz he made a frozen pizza and wanted it all to himself. Haha. He also asked why I couldn’t have gotten up earlier to make him some coffee, cuz I was getting ready to brew some when he was leaving for work. Ah well, he’ll live! I feel so much better, though now I’m groggy from getting so much sleep. Even still, 3 hours later, after a huge cup of coffee, I’m still groggy. But, I’m happy!

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