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Family Tragedy: Update 2

On a lighter note, sort of…

On the way up to Illinois last Tuesday, about the time we got to Indiana I think, I passed a cop, and he decided to pull me over for speeding. Here’s the thing, though… I was going 75 mph, and the speed limit was 70. So, I was indeed speeding, and well aware of that fact. However, when the officer approached my car, he said he clocked me at 81 mph, and that was indeed not correct. At the time, we were actually monitoring my speed through the speedometer AND the GPS screen. I told the officer I knew I wasn’t going that fast, and asked him for proof that he clocked *my* car going that speed. He took my license and registration to his car, came back within maybe 2 or 3 minutes, and let us go. I guess he realized that, if he cannot provide proof that he clocked *my* car going at that speed, he had to, because it would never hold up in court. Thank goodness I asked about that, or he’d have probably given me a ticket I didn’t deserve!

While we were up there, I was able to connect to Ronda’s wireless internet, and kept up to date on Google News Reader. It turns out, there have been SEVERAL drug raids in our area just over the last week. Unbelievable. Apparently, they’ve been seizing a LOT of stolen property. I hope they get our stuff… but, preferably minus the laptop, because my new one is TOO AWESOME. Not that I wouldn’t mind recovering all those files that had been lost because of the theft… I just don’t want to have to let my new baby go! lol.

When we were on our way home yesterday, we passed through Huntington, WV. We are Marshall! Hehe. I stopped at a gas station there, I happened to need a restroom at the time anyway.

It really was NOT fun driving through West Virginia and Virginia on the way home. On the way up there it was fine, but it was dark on the way back, and I had a few scary incidents with Semi trucks. And, the last stretch of road before we got home was long and dark… quite scary actually.

I’m not sure if I put this in another post or not… but, through all this, Scott has left me with an invaluable gift. The reason to fight for my life. I have a lot of problems, mostly all chemical imbalances, and I do have suicidal thoughts and feelings from time to time. Through all this, we’ve realized that Scott was a lot more loved than he probably ever knew, and that right there gives me a reason to fight for my life. My flare-ups only last about 30 minutes, and during that time, now I know to fight as hard as I can for my life, because I’ve always known that this life is worth living for! So, thank you Scott, for that priceless gift: a reason to fight for my own life. But, for the rest of it, I’m still really pissed at you!

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