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Email to Advanced Imaging Center

This is an email I just sent to Advanced Imaging Center in Moline, IL:

I am highly disappointed with the service I have received from Advanced Imaging Center. Last week, I had an appointment for a 3D/4D Ultrasound that my parents paid for because they wanted to be able to see the baby while they were in town from Georgia. The staff treated us as though they thought we couldn't afford to be there paying cash for a service. When we were on our way to the back the technician said, in a very hostile tone, "you know, there isn't any guarantee that we'll see him, it's not too late if you want to get your money back." Then, during the Ultrasound she wasn't having any luck getting the 3D imaging, so she said she'd have to schedule us for a free re-check. If there's a free re-check offered, then why get an attitude about there being no guarantee while taking us to the ultrasound room? Well, today was our scheduled re-check. My parents aren't in town for this one, but my husband's mother came because she hasn't been able to see the baby yet either and wanted to be there. When we got there, the girl at the front desk stated "Well, our ultrasound technician isn't here today." I asked why we hadn't been called, and she said they didn't have my phone number! The phone number I only gave them THREE times when filling out the paperwork the first time we were there! The phone number that was already in the computer from when I had imaging done there in the past! Nobody bothered to get off their asses in their air conditioned office to go find my phone number, which would take all of 5 minutes, to give me the expected courtesy of informing me my appointment has been cancelled! We are paying customers and this is unacceptable! wednesdays are the only day I can make it in, so now I have to wait TWO MORE WEEKS for my re-check, and my husband and his mother have to adjust their schedules so they can be there! This is absolutely ridiculous and no way to treat paying customers!
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