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Okay so maybe I could post some more on here for at least the benefit of my own memory. Speaking of which, you know there are reports that stress levels impact memory capacity? Interesting.

So we went to Greenbriar for dinner tonight. It was delicious. Greenbriar is the bar/grille where Scott always hung out. We’ve only been there a few times since we’ve lived here. I’m not sure if that’s because of missing him so much, or if it’s just not our type of place.

After dinner we dropped by his mom’s house. Of course there was a shitload of beer there. I really wish she’d get help. And she apparently recently invested about $50 to stock her freezer full of meat. Where’d she get that money from? I’m seriously wondering if she’s delving into illegal activities to fuel her disease.

I play several games on FB. One of them is Knighthood. I was inactive for a LONG time while I was waiting for building improvements. I came out of Peace Mode into War Mode today and am getting agitated because they keep taking my vassals… not because they’re taking them, because that’s really what the game is about, but because I care too much about the ones they’re taking. And I can’t seem to get over *that* long enough to realize that it’s JUST A GAME! Okay so if someone steals my husband (he’s one of my vassals, though he doesn’t even play the game) it’s really NOT a big deal because it is JUST A GAME. So why does it make me so angry??? I am tempted to say “fuck it” and not play that game anymore because I get so wrapped up in WHO my vassals are. But I don’t want to stop playing the game! I really do want to continue. So the appropriate thing is to figure out why it bugs me so much when it is JUST A FREAKING GAME!

Okay the end… for now.

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