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That’s it… I’ve had it with this life. I’m starting over. I’m taking my husband, the cats, my family, and my friends, and starting fresh. I can do that whenever I want. Cuz I said so. So… here’s the new me! God’s child. I’m not going to let my mental problems get me down. When my cats bother me in the morning I’m not going to let it make me cranky. When I hit a stumbling block, I’m going to stumble, and then make a joke about it (like, “yeah, nice trip” lol). I am NOT going to be this self-pitying whiny little girl anymore. It’s pointless. All I do is whine and complain. WAAH Dave hasn’t called. WAAH I haven’t lost any weight. WAAH My neighbors are driving me nuts. WAAH this WAAH that. NO More! I need to have a POSITIVE outlook on life. So here goes nothing! Let’s hope this brand new me sticks.

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