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Daily Tarot

Past, The Tower

A dramatic turn of events has left you reeling, there was nothing you could have done to prevent this, and it was outside your control. Perhaps what shocked you most was that all your defence systems were overridden, leaving you feeling vulnerable. But this was really an opportunity for liberation, a chance to move forward. Take it with both hands.

Was it outside my control, though? Really? I suppose the jealousy was out of my control. But the entire situation has definitely left me reeling. I have felt incredibly insecure and vulnerable ever since. I do see it as a chance to move forward, I only hope that it works out the way I want it to. I need to conquer this jealousy first, though.

Present, The Empress

Your nurturing instinct is uppermost at the moment, you need harmony in your relationships – this includes your relationship with yourself. This card suggest you are either “mothering” someone or about to become a mother. Equally someone could be mothering you. If you seem to be being blocked in some way, this could be due to a difficult female.

Well, I’m “mothering” my son lol. I’m not sure how else this card really applies to me.

Future, The Fool

There is a possibility of new beginnings and changes in the future. You may find yourself much more carefree and optimistic than usual. In relationships a wild and exciting friend or lover becomes central to your life. In maters of romance The Fool suggests erotic energy and pleasure, but unfortunately it also suggests a lack of commitment.

I would like to feel more carefree, that’s for sure! Optimism would be rather new for me lol. A relationship with a wild and exciting FRIEND would be fantastic! Courtney maybe? Erotic energy and pleasure? I can take that for sure. But a lack of commitment? I’m not so sure about that.

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