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Daily Tarot

Past, Three of Pentacles

You need to step back. You’ve been so engrossed with the minutiae of a project you have lost the bigger picture. Or is it you’ve been over-dependant on the opinions of others? Time to embrace your inner individual.

Idk, I think that, emotionally, I’ve always been over-dependant on the opinions of others. I am seeking counsel to help me to better embrace my inner individual.

Present, Ten of Pentacles

You may be going through a stunningly successful period at the moment, at least in conventional terms. Even if you haven’t made it to the boardroom yet, you know that towing the line will get you where you want to go.

Successful period? I wish! I’m not even doing anything with my life right now, besides maybe my success in Wizard101. But, surely you can’t be referring to that…

Future, King of Swords

Your mind is moving up a gear. You’ll be solving any problems swiftly using you knowledge and intellect. Keep an eye out for a mature intellectual who is assertive and articulate.

I look forward to my mind moving up a gear… but I doubt that, even up a gear, I’ll be solving problems swiftly using my knowledge and intellect. XD Someone pass me more coffee to wake up my brain! lol

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