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Daily Tarot

Past, Four of Pentacles

Have you been wrapped up in the material world? Maybe you have been over possessive in relation to your possessions and other people? Or has some miserable “Meanie” manipulated and tried to hinder you, either by being controlling or miserly?

Ohh maybe I have been possessive in my relationship. But, isn’t that the “traditional” idea of marriage? To be a bit possessive of one another? Just, we both want to possess as many as we can but I don’t want him to.

And, he’s also a miserable “Meanie” controlling me by threatening our marriage any time he doesn’t get his way.

Present, Strength/Fortitude

You may be feeling frustrated. Focus on finding your emotional strength and idealism. This is the moment to face any negativity with determination. If this sounds bellicose remember compassion is also a form of strength. When anger erupts stay calm and cool. In relationships could it all be one-way traffic – are you giving too much and receiving nothing back?

I am feeling highly frustrated and having a really difficult time finding any emotional strength to get through these troubling times. How can I face the CONSTANT negativity with determination? Tell me that! And, I’m a Taurus. Explain to me how a Taurus can remain calm and cool when angered? Lol. And, while sometimes I feel like I’m giving too much and receiving nothing back, I know that’s not the case.

Future, The Emperor

It is highly likely that you will be able to score your career goals, though this will not come on a plate but through hard work and self-discipline. In love, you can be attracted to the Alpha type with a great career, or someone who’s strong and dominating. They’ll be reliable, but you may never suss out their motivation.

My career goal is to, one day, be a psychologist. A therapist, precisely. Without going back to school, I don’t feel that I’ll ever get there. And, I almost went back to school for the current semester, but it was too much of a hassle. I’ll get there, eventually. Before I die.

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