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Daily Tarot

Past, Six of Wands.

You have been rather successful, and have been winning acclaim for your achievements, but something has not seemed quite right, despite your success things have not been going quite to plan. This is because you have been resting on your laurels.

Idk about this. The only achievements I’ve received acclaim for were a Poetry award once and being a member of the National Technical Honor Society.

Present, Judgement

It might be the time has come to release old attitudes and this could be in relation to family, morals or a lover. You have begun to have new insights into relationship matters, this is a good time to start afresh, drop the past, and accept and take responsibility for your own actions. Just don’t try to play the blame game.

Yeah, no comment.

Future, Four Cups

The time is coming for you to engage in some self-reflection, but not self-pity. However, don’t worry, you’re still in control, and as long as you are honest with yourself and focus on your goals, all will be well.

Isn’t it always a good time for self-reflection?

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