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Daily Tarot

Past, Nine of Swords

You’ve been so overwhelmed with problems, yours, or those of someone dear to you, that you have had trouble sleeping and felt overloaded with fears. The problems may be genuine, but acknowledge your weakness and work through them.

This is so true!! I’m constantly feeling overwhelmed by either my problems or those of others. And it is definitely giving me trouble sleeping!

Present, Ace

Time for a new start. If you’re looking at the practical side of life think about projects with tangible results. Now is a good time to start anything related to work, property and investments. Be down to earth.

Does this count that I’m doing our Tax Return today and feel like it’s a new start financially, since it’ll really turn things around for us?

Future, Knight of Pentacles

Your caution is commendable, your realism remarkable and both work wonders for your career. Just don’t miss opportunities because you find change challenging. Make sure that your pragmatism doesn’t pulverise your passion. Loved ones need to know what you feel.

I do need to take advantage of opportunities presented to me, that I’ve ignored in the past. And I do need to better express my feelings to loved ones.

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