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Daily Tarot

Past, Page of Cups

A romantic relationship has been rocky, and you can’t work out why. Think about what you could offer each other; were you really suited? Was one person was so sensitive to their own needs they didn’t consider the other partner enough?

My relationship with Dave has been rocky for 12 years, and I’m pretty sure I know what faults lie on both sides. I don’t think either of us has, necessarily, considered the other partner anywhere NEAR enough.

Present, Death

Don’t worry. This is not as bad as you think! This has nothing to do with physical death. It suggests you’re going through changes. The question is how to implement them, you might want to change a relationship or make a career move, but you’re concerned about the consequences. Whatever you decide, standing still is not an option.

I am, most definitely, going through changes. Therapy is going to help with that, God willing. I am still uncertain, though, what lies ahead. I think it requires further reflection.

Future, Page of Pentacles

Keep an eye out for a reliable employee, a practical pal, or even a monetary sage; someone who can help you make things happen. There’s an opportunity coming up and you don’t want to miss it. Just remember to be realistic.

Ok, will do! I definitely want help with whatever opportunities lie ahead!

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