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Daily Tarot

Past, Six of Cups

You have been remembering a rosy past and forgotten that you have to live in the present too. Have you tended to assume that you have little control over your fate? From now on try steering your own course – you’ll be surprised.

I have been looking fondly on the first 4 years of my marriage, but don’t feel as though I’ve forgotten that I have to live in the present. Steer my own course. Hmm. Contemplation time!

Present, Five of Cups

Nothing ever stays the same. Whatever it is that you think you have lost or about to loose, stay calm. There is no point going over the past, instead look around you and see what amazing adventures are on offer.

I feel that I have already lost my husband, though we’re still legally married. Amazing adventures? When all he does is put me down?? I do want to take him to the Dells one weekend, but he apparently has no free time until AUGUST.

Future, Death

Don’t panic, this card does not mean you’re going to die. Actually, life is going to be very busy for you. You’re entering a period of change. This might be a career change, moving home, or changes in your love life. Remember, as one door closes, another will swing open. So, be prepared to explore the future with gusto.

A period of change. I sure as hell hope it means an improvement in my current relationship. I’m always fearful of what the future holds.

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