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Daily Tarot

Past, Death

It’s extremely unlikely that this card refers to a physical death, but there have been some big changes in your life. How have you dealt with them? Have you been worried by change and been too frightened to explore the new possibilities it brings? Perhaps you feel confused about what will happen next. Relax everything is fine.

The biggest change in my life happened about a year ago, when Dave asked for a divorce. I have definitely been too afraid to explore the new possibilities this brings. I have no job, no money, nowhere to go. Everything is NOT FINE!

Present, Queen of Wands.

You’re going through a magnetic phase. You feel gorgeous, and that is because, quite frankly you are! Optimism is your ally, and your charismatic confidence can pull people and opportunities towards you. Make the most of this time and relish it.

Hahaha I definitely do not feel gorgeous! I feel fat and ugly. But, I take this more as a hint to be more confident in myself. Ok, I’ll try.

Future, Seven of Pentacles

You’re standing at a crossroads right now. The future lies ahead, and it suggests a need to change direction. The previous path may be comfortable and familiar, but soon it will be time to accept new adventures.

I could take this in a couple ways. First, obviously I’m at the crossroads of my marriage either ending or us working things out. Or, I’m at the crossroads of ending the complacency with my marriage and the need to make changes to improve it. Either way, I will do my best to accept the new adventures that come my way.

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