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Daily Tarot

Past, The Hanged Man

You have been shouldering some emotional baggage, and it’s been a painful load. But it belongs in the past and it’ll ease with time. Recently the load has decreased a little. This is because you have already started to release the past and begun living in the here and now. Time to move forward – keep up your good work.

Yes, I have indeed been shouldering some emotional baggage, and it has indeed been painful. However, I don’t feel that the load has decreased a little recently. If anything, I feel as though it’s increased. I do need to start releasing the past and begin living in the present.

Present, Five of Pentacles

You feel something is missing from your life and it could be cash, a spiritual connection, or love. Have you become the loser in a loveless relationship and are feeling lonely? Improve things, discuss your fears, ask for help and be optimistic.

Something is most definitely missing from my life. Money, sure. Spiritual connection? Definitely. I used to go to church weekly and haven’t been now in years. Love? While I do feel love in some areas, I most certainly do not feel it within my marriage of 16 years. In RL I have definitely become the loser in a loveless relationship. I’m working on figuring out how to change myself, but for ME, but also with the knowledge that they could improve my relationship. I have asked for help in this. I’ll try to be optimistic, but it’s hard when I feel like my life is falling apart around me.

Future, Six of Cups

You will be entering a happy playful time, when your warm-heartedness will find its sunny reflection in those around you. Your good deeds seem to flow back to you threefold, as others pick up on your sweet vibe.

I look forward to a happy playful time! I don’t know that I give off those warm-hearted sunny good sweet vibes, but ok.

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