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Daily Tarot

Past, Nine of Pentacles

You have been wonderfully self-confident, and your self-assurance has been amazing, but it can also be rather intimidating to others. Or, you achieved all that you set out to do, so it is time for some new goals.

Idk, I guess I’ve achieved some of what I’ve set out to do, but I certainly don’t feel like I’ve achieved *all* I’ve set out to do. I’ve gotten a good portion of my web site(s) transfered to Wix, but not all. I’ve started therapy, but only see her about once ever 6 weeks due to insufficient staffing. I’ve barely begun working on the goals I set there. Then again, this is the “past” reading, so I suppose that since it IS time for new goals, that is what I can take from it.

Present, Strength/Fortitude

You may be feeling frustrated. Focus on finding your emotional strength and idealism. This is the moment to face any negativity with determination. If this sounds bellicose remember compassion is also a form of strength. When anger erupts stay calm and cool. In relationships could it all be one-way traffic – are you giving too much and receiving nothing back?

I do need to find my emotional strength to get through whatever it is that’s going on with this marriage. I am determined to see things through, whichever way they go. It is extremely difficult to stay calm and cool when angry! I do feel as though I give too much and receive nothing back in my relationship with Dave, but he complains he feels the same.

Future, Five of Cups

Whatever it is you lose and however hard it’s been mourn it properly, but then let it go. Why? Because when you do you will find yourself moving forwards again towards an exciting period of change, opportunity, and insight.

But, I don’t want to let it go. Not without a fight! I don’t care what kind of exciting period of change, opportunity, and insight you think I have in my future. I want this to work, not for it to be lost!

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