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Daily Tarot

Past, The Lovers

Romance has played on your mind. Perhaps you have been seeking a new lover, and trying to find that special someone. Equally, you may have tried to re-invigorate a pre-existing passion. Or maybe a lover had left you feeling a little stifled. If love has been rocky in the past you may have had to consider what you really wanted.

Love has definitely been rocky lately. What I really want? Is to work things out.

Present, Knight of Cups

Have you been honest with yourself about your feelings for someone? If so, this card suggests a romance to relish has either begun or will very soon. Your partner will be a great lover, charming and eager to please you.

Yes, I have been honest with myself about my feelings. Does this mean my romance with Dave will be re-invigorated? I wish.

Future, Five of Pentacles

You’ve been feeling left out in the cold and rejected? You will soon have a chance to move forward. Address your fears, ask for help and attend to your physical and emotional needs. Don’t fear rejection from others – be optimistic.

I have very much been feeling left out in the cold and rejected! I need a chance to move forward. Whatever that entails.

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