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Daily Tarot

Past, Ace

Money makes the world go around! But you have taken this a little bit too much to heart in the past. Money matters, but so do other things like emotions and a sense of well-being. Leave your gilded cage behind.

Problem is, without money, your world can fall apart right before your eyes. And improper management of it can lead to over $30,000 in credit card debt. Extraneous spending has gotten us into a world of trouble, and money (or lack, thereof) is always on my mind.

Present, Seven Wands

Sometimes you have to stand up and be counted, and this is one of them. Don’t let yourself be bamboozled. The time has come to follow your beliefs and convictions, and be ready to face any opposition.

Idk what my beliefs even are anymore. And the things I could mention I wouldn’t want to for fear of opposition.

Future, Four of Wands

A new dawn is breaking and the sun is shining on you. You will find yourself meeting new people and being involved in bright projects that will make the world sparkle. Stale ties need to broken so you can move on.

I look forward to meeting new people and projects to make the world sparkle!!! I don’t have any ties that I consider particularly stale, nobody sticks out that I feel the need to remove from my life.

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