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Daily Tarot

Past, Queen of Pentacles

You have a lovely warm caring nurturing side. Indeed, you seem to have found time to nurture everyone, well almost everyone, you see there was someone you forgot, and that was yourself. You must remember to address your needs too.

Strangely, I feel like all I ever do is nurture myself. I mean, I sit at my computer, like, all day every day. But, I do care for Casey, and I never get out of the house without him for anything besides grocery shopping.

Present, Four Cups

You feel low right now, apathetic, washed out and even hurt. But you don’t have to feel like this, past events were not your fault. Time to grit your teeth, move forward, and wow the world again – you can do it.

Idk, I hope so. I have been feeling really low and hurt. I just, don’t know if I can move forward.

Future, Eight of Wands

You’re coming to a point when ideas will be floating around everywhere, you might even feel overwhelmed by them. You will receive some interesting information that may come in all sorts of unexpected ways, so do keep your mind open.

I look forward to this interesting information. Sure hope it’s life-changing!

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