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Daily Tarot

Past, Seven Wands

You have been unsure of your moral ground, others have tried to push their values and beliefs on you, and you have taken the path of least resistance. Or was your conscience a little queasy? Try to put things right.

Idk, I think I have pretty iffy morals. But I don’t know that it’s others pushing their values and beliefs on me. If anything, I think it’s probably the other way around. And it got me into this mess. Now I have to dig my way out, and I don’t know where to even begin. All my efforts thus far have been in vain.

Present, Nine of Swords

You’re so dreadfully worried but why? Is it an unspecific worry or a general unhappiness that you just cannot explain? Get to the bottom of what is causing you such misery. It’s likely that a little effort will improve the situation.

I’m constantly worried about my situation and how things will play out. Thankfully, I have my next therapy appointment next Wednesday. Hopefully I can get in to see her more frequently as well, so that her and I can work together to get to the bottom of things, figure out who I am and who I want to be, and make it happen.

Future, Four of Pentacles

Control is going to be an issue for you, particularly in relationships with others. Power struggles proliferate. You need to realise that these are the result of insecurities. However, all this can be improved with realistic expectations and structure.

There has been a constant power struggle in my relationship with Dave. Both of us are extremely stubborn, hence seeing the same in Casey nowadays. I do beleive that Dave and I both have insecurities we need to work through. And neither of us have kept realistic expectations. We need to work together to come to a peaceful resolution. Preferably one that keeps us together.

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