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Daily Tarot

Past, Queen of Pentacles

You have a lovely warm caring nurturing side. Indeed, you seem to have found time to nurture everyone, well almost everyone, you see there was someone you forgot, and that was yourself. You must remember to address your needs too.

I’ve seen this before. It makes me wonder if there’s any truth to it. I feel like all I do is nurture myself! Dave apparently feels the same way.

Present, Six of Cups

You may find you’re looking back at some good memories. Well the time has come for you to create some more of the same. You have a real sense of playfulness at the moment – make sure you express it.

I do think back on some fond memories. The past 12 years have been really rough. I would like to experience some of the fun I had in the first 4 years again. Although, in saying that, I was also doped up for most of the first 4 years. Just, Dave wasn’t a jerk.

Future, Four of Pentacles

Control is going to be an issue for you, particularly in relationships with others. Power struggles proliferate. You need to realise that these are the result of insecurities. However, all this can be improved with realistic expectations and structure.

Seriously, I just got this one yesterday. Apparently my Tarot feels the need to drive the point home. Ok, I get it, Dave and I need to compromise instead of live in this neverending power struggle. We’re both insecure and we need to move past it.

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