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Daily Tarot

Past, Three of Cups

You have been a social star, which was great. But you haven’t been spending enough time on your own. You have needed space to gather your thoughts and clear your head, but you have been to busy – take a break.

This is, completely opposite from the truth. I haven’t been a social star, I’ve been spending all my time on my own. And despite that, I still feel the need for space to gather my thoughts and clear my head. I do feel like I’ve been busy, albeit on my own. I will try and take a break, but unfortunately there’s just too much to get done and nobody else to help me with it. All I get is Dave making comments like “We need to do this” and then him doing nada.

Present, The Fool

Life is full of surprises at the moment. This could be the time to let go of your worries and self doubts; it could be worth taking a leap of faith. If you are confused about a decision The Fool suggests you take a deep breath, believe in your abilities and follow your heart. Don’t avoid your responsibilities in this hedonistic haze!

I haven’t had any surprises thus far. But I’m not sure I can let go of my worries and safe doubts to take any sort of leap of faith. My only decision at the moment is whether I’m going to start trying to be all lovey-dovey with Dave, or continue with the way things have been going. I don’t know that it’d change anything if I did act more affectionate. If anything, he’d criticize me for some fabricated mental disorder.

Future, Three of Pentacles

A stunning success is coming your way and you’ll shine star-bright! It isn’t quite handed to you on a plate and you’ll have to create the right environment. But you’ll have reason to be proud of what you can achieve.

I hope a stunning success is coming my way!!! I’m sure I will shine star-bright if it does! I don’t expected it to just be handed to me, I don’t doubt I’d have to work for it. Given my situation and circumstances, what can I achieve??

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