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Daily Tarot

Past, Six of Cups

You have been remembering a rosy past and forgotten that you have to live in the present too. Have you tended to assume that you have little control over your fate? From now on try steering your own course – you’ll be surprised.

I’ve gotten this one before. Yes, I suppose I have assumed that I have little control over my fate. I will try and start steering my own course.

Present, Five of Wands.

Right now you feel that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. But think about it, all those annoyances in your life are actually fairly trivial. You also feel a little at odds with yourself. Decide your true priorities.

That is kinda how I feel, that whatever can go wrong will. Things just haven’t been going the best for me, for a while now. I don’t really feel that the things that have been going wrong are very trivial, though. I do feel at odds with myself as well, but that’s part of why I’m in therapy… to figure out who I am and who I want to be, and become that person I want to be.

Future, The Fool

There is a possibility of new beginnings and changes in the future. You may find yourself much more carefree and optimistic than usual. In relationships a wild and exciting friend or lover becomes central to your life. In maters of romance The Fool suggests erotic energy and pleasure, but unfortunately it also suggests a lack of commitment.

I look forward to new beginnings in my existing relationship. I was talking with my therapist today about my relationship with Dave, and about our open marriage, and that I don’t want to give it up any more than he does. I told her about Dave telling me he felt he could love more than one person and that he loved Amanda. I told her about my love for more than one person, and that I’ve never shared that information with Dave. Essentially, Dave and I are both polyamorous. He wants to share all the details of his relationships with me and wants me to share all the details with him. I’ve been holding back. I need to stop holding back, but baby steps at first. I don’t want an exciting friend or lover to become central, I want to be central. I want things to be energized and pleasurable, but with commitment of some sort.

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