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Daily Tarot

Past, The Knight of Wands

You’ve been falling for the wrong type. You may have fallen for a heartbreaker, or perhaps the early fireworks of a relationship have spluttered to a halt. Time to stop looking for love, and let love find and warmly embrace you.

I think I’d definitely fallen for a heartbreaker. And the early fireworks of my relationship have most certainly spluttered to a halt. I don’t want to find love elsewhere, I want to renew it here.

Present, Three of Pentacles

You need to be part of a team to complete a project, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be just another cog in the machine. For this to succeed you need to be enthusiastic and have a valued input or you’ll be bored.

In the aspect of my marriage, that can be viewed as a team, the renewal of feelings for each other could be viewed as the project. I do need to be enthusiastic and have a valued input. Most definitely.

Future, Five of Swords

Future hostilities seem unavoidable, like it or not you will have to engage with the enemy. Compromise is not going to be an option. This is a win or lose scenario but whichever unfolds boundaries will have been established.

Future hostilities most certainly do feel unavoidable, considering how hostile Dave tends to be. I know I will have to engage with the “enemy,” and he’s already said he won’t compromise. Win or lose, I’m in.

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