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Daily Tarot

Past, Seven of Pentacles

You have been working hard on pet projects, and they are beginning to bear fruit. But don’t rest on you laurels, there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip. You need to be proactive now to reap the best results.

I haven’t been really working hard on anything, lol. Rest assured, if I begin working hard on anything, I will not rest on my laurels. XD

Present, Three of Pentacles

You need to be part of a team to complete a project, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be just another cog in the machine. For this to succeed you need to be enthusiastic and have a valued input or you’ll be bored.

Ok, this is the same as yesterday’s so it must ring doubly true. I need to be enthusiastic and have a valued input in making my marriage work. Got it.

Future, Knight of Cups

Your dreamboat will soon be pulling alongside. Look out for a luscious sultry person and this partner can be a great lover, charming and eager to please you. But be warned, your amazing amour can also have a sulky and melodramatic side.

A luscious and sultry person? Sounds exciting! But, I’m working on my marriage right now, thanks!

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