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Daily Tarot

Past, Eight of Wands

You have been floating without any structure to your life. If you have made any plans at all you have been changing them, often at short notice. Flexibility is good, but this sort of laxness is not helping you reach your goals.

I have been moving along with no structure, letting plans change or get cancelled at about the last minute. I’ll never reach my goals at this rate.

Present, Ace of Wands

You are enterprising at the moment, be that in business, the arts, education, or career. There is a strong energy of excitement and newness around you. The time has come to harness this to your creative gifts and act on it.

I haven’t really been enterprising in any areas lately lol. I’ve been craving that excitement or newness and not finding it. Is there something I’m missing?

Future, Six of Wands.

Success and rewards seem to be moving towards you. You will meet someone with great talents who will improve your world. But don’t get too carried away with all this praise and success, for pride comes before a fall.

This is good news! I look forward to meeting someone who will improve my world. Other than my therapist lol. I do not look forward to a fall. Does that statement mean that if I’m not “proud” I will not fall? Hmm.

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