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Daily Tarot

Past, Seven of Cups

Have you been over ambitious? It was great to set a high goal, but you have been patient for too long, try another tack. Or were you so bombarded by options that you could not see the wood for the trees?

I don’t feel that I have been overly ambitious OR that I’ve been bombarded by options. I do feel like I’ve been bombarded by emotions, though, and struggle to see the wood for the trees in that sense. I need to get a handle on things, find peace, find myself.

Present, The Sun

Express your feelings and ambitions. Success and happiness are in the air, and it’s the time to reach up and grab them. You can manifest your goals as your self-confidence glows like the warm, radiating Sun. You’re feeling positive, and are in the spotlight. If you’re in a relationship, accept your lover for who they are, don’t try to change them.

I am feeling somewhat positive, but I don’t know how to attain my goal of making things work with Dave. I tried to hug him last night, and it was awkward at best. He just shuts me down all the time. Even when I hint at making things work his way, he still rejects me. It’s hard to accept people for who they are, when who they are isn’t who they were so many years ago. He and I both need to find acceptance in each other.

Future, Eight of Pentacles

The time is coming when you’ll feel the urge to widen your horizons. In this case you should be considering something that involves learning. This might mean a new skill, a new language or some kind of educational endeavour.

I do want to widen my horizons, by going back to school! I am desperate to achieve my goal of a degree in psychology. I just don’t know where to start!

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