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Daily Tarot

Past, Two of Pentacles

You’ve been juggling far too much at once, keep on like this and you’re bound to drop something. You’ve been over working your body and mind. If a relationship has degenerated into mind games, it’s time to stop playing.

Idk if I’ve been juggling much of anything! LOL. My relationship does often feel like it’s degenerated into mind games. I’ve felt for a LONG time that it’s time to stop playing!

Present, Five of Pentacles

You feel something is missing from your life and it could be cash, a spiritual connection, or love. Have you become the loser in a loveless relationship and are feeling lonely? Improve things, discuss your fears, ask for help and be optimistic.

Cash and love are both missing from my life. Well, I mean, there’s Colin, but I’m referring to Dave here, the relationship-in-crisis. Yes, I’m a loser in a loveless relationship, in that sense. I’m hoping to improve things because I have asked for help, professional help. I’m trying to remain optimisitic, although the signs are all pointing to the big D.

Future, Queen of Wands.

The time is approaching when you’ll impress all the right people. Not surprising, as you are full of energy optimism and charm. A sizzlingly sexy someone will be gravitating towards you, but then who could resist your comely charms?

Hahaha who would be impressed by a stay at home mom who has no job, no money of her own, didn’t even finish college, and is in a loveless marriage? Oh, and who is incapacitated by a bad knee?

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