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Daily Tarot

Past, The Empress

Perhaps you’ve been too ready to part with your pennies in the past; well we learn from our mistakes. This card suggests the importance of a mothering role in your life, this could have been you, but it may point to a mother figure, at worst she could have been controlling but she could have also been a wonderful support.

I’ve had my ups and downs with my mom over the years. And, she kinda drives me crazy. But she’s my mom. And I NEED her to be a support. But. I can’t get into it here. It’d take too long. Maybe one day I’ll post a rant about her.

Present, The World

You seem to be coming to terms with yourself as an individual, and this will improve your relationships with others. You may have met the ideal partner for you at this time, or even found a vocation. At this point there will be no turning back, you now instinctively you are on track and that the only way is forward.

I’m trying to come to terms with myself as an individual. Trying being the operative word. The idea is for it to improve my relationships with others. The only way IS forward from here!

Future, Queen of Pentacles

Creativity is going to be your middle name, and inspiration will be all around you. Try to look out for a very nurturing person. Someone who’s home loving, fond of children and animals, but very practical, can be a great help to you.

Really? Me? Creativity? You have the right person? I mean, I used to write like crazy, but… that ship sailed a long time ago. Writer’s block for way too long now. A nurturing person who’s home loving, fond of children and animals, and practical. My neighbor maybe? She’s said to holler if I ever need anything…

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