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Daily Tarot

Past, The Star

Ambition is great, but you have been overdoing things a bit; your dreams, ambitions and expectations have been so high there was no hope of you, or anyone else reaching them. In love you have idolised someone only to feel hurt when they had feet of clay. Try to be a little more realistic in future to avoid being disappointed.

I have had some pretty high ambitions in the past, and have only been let down by not reaching them. I don’t think I idolised Dave, but I certainly have felt hurt by things with him. I will try to be more realistic.

Present, Seven of Cups

Are you overwhelmed by options, wasting your time with wishful thinking, or setting illusionary and unrealistic goals? Whichever, address the issue. If you’re in a romantic relationship be careful not too develop unrealistic hopes and dreams.

I suppose I’m setting illusionary and unrealistic goals. I need to address the issue, for sure. I will be more cautious, and be more realistic in my hopes and dreams.

Future, Queen of Pentacles

Creativity is going to be your middle name, and inspiration will be all around you. Try to look out for a very nurturing person. Someone who’s home loving, fond of children and animals, but very practical, can be a great help to you.

I’d still like to know what makes you, Tarot, think I’m so creative? I’d like to be, I used to be, but it’s been a long time. Does this mean I’m getting that back? I hope so. Nurturing person? I could use that! I need someone who can be super helpful, since I have surgery coming up sometime. My dad will come up to help, but I can’t depend on him for everything. I don’t know why Dave can’t be more helpful, why he has to just bitch about everything I’m not doing.

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