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Daily Tarot

Past, Ten of Wands

You have felt overburdened. This could have been caused by the everyday stuff like overwork, family squabbles, or a grumpy boss. Or was it something more fundamental? Have you been so wrapped with the mundane that you lost your direction?

I do feel overburdened by everyday stuff. Like housework I can’t do, keeping up with Casey, things like that. Plus the everlasting tension between me and Dave. I may have, indeed, lost my direction. Not to mention that I’ve become so preoccupied with various online things that I’ve stopped even caring about doing work for my own play money, which funds the games I’m so caught up in.

Present, The Magician

You are in a position to make things happen, all you need to do is be flexible, communicate well, and follow your instincts. If you’re involved in business your ability to grasp and resolve difficult issues can be amazing. Friends and colleagues will be astounded at the results you can produce. The Magician asks you to “Go for it”!

I do need to make things happen. It’s difficult for me to be flexible, but I’ll try. And as for communicating well? I don’t know if that’s possible with how introverted I am. Instincts? I have to find them. I will try and GO FOR IT though!

Future, Five of Cups

Whatever it is you lose and however hard it’s been mourn it properly, but then let it go. Why? Because when you do you will find yourself moving forwards again towards an exciting period of change, opportunity, and insight.

What I lose, feels like I lost my marriage. I’m not ready to mourn it properly or let it go. I don’t care what exciting period of change, opportunity, and insight is waiting for me, I don’t want to let it go yet.

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