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Daily Tarot

Past, Page of Swords

You’ve been a little bit too over confident, and the answers which you thought were right, might not have been as ideal as you imagined. Still, it’s not too late to seek advice from others or reassess the situation.

Over confident? That doesn’t sound like me at all! I’m always incredibly insecure, about everything. But, regardless, I’m still seeking advice from others during this troubling time.

Present, Death

Don’t worry. This is not as bad as you think! This has nothing to do with physical death. It suggests you’re going through changes. The question is how to implement them, you might want to change a relationship or make a career move, but you’re concerned about the consequences. Whatever you decide, standing still is not an option.

I am definitely going through changes, and hopefully ALL for the better. I want to improve my relationship with Dave and get going with furthering my education.

Future, Two of Swords

Have you put a barrier around your heart? Yes it will stop you being hurt, but it will also stop you enjoying life. In future, avoid denying your emotions, and blocking out others or you will miss out on so, so much.

A barrier around my heart? I wouldn’t doubt it, with all I’ve been through. I feel like it might have been there a long time, and hasn’t stopped me from being hurt. I will try to stop denying my emotions and blocking others out.

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