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Daily Tarot

Past, The Star

Ambition is great, but you have been overdoing things a bit; your dreams, ambitions and expectations have been so high there was no hope of you, or anyone else reaching them. In love you have idolised someone only to feel hurt when they had feet of clay. Try to be a little more realistic in future to avoid being disappointed.

I do feel like I’ve had high hopes for things in my life, only to never get anything accomplished. In love, I wouldn’t say I’ve idolised anyone, but I have been hurt by feet of clay, stomping all over me and my heart. I’ll try to be more realistic in both my dreams, and my expectations in love.

Present, Page of Pentacles

Time to be practical and realistic when it comes to setting your goals. However, there is a Window of Opportunity there for you – if you keep your eyes open. This maybe career based but it could also refer to relationships.

I will look for this window of opportunity, but try not to get my hopes too high. I would love for it to be something with a career. But, ultimately, I want to go to school again, so maybe I should make efforts there again?

Future, Queen of Swords

With wit, wisdom, and a quicksilver mind the person who will be entering your circle appears to have life sussed out. They may inspire you, but although they seem confident are they secretly very vulnerable? Try to remain objective at all times.

I will try to remain objective to anyone who enters my life that appears to have it all together. Most people who appear to have it all together, don’t.

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