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Crazy week!

Alright, so I’ve been working at Walmart. So, here’s the latest Walmart Drama… I wish I’d been excluded.

Gwen is the 3rd shift stocker. I met her for the first time last Sunday. She was nice at first, but then she started complaining about *everything* I was doing. Little did I know, she was complaining to management as well. She called Royanna, *at home* (big no-no) to complain about me not working freight. She had Royanna speak to me, and Royanna was telling me to do freight. Veronica, my boss, had told me not to touch freight, *regardless of what anyone else said.* I told Royanna that, and she said that she had told Veronica that I needed to be working freight. Gwen was also fussing at me every time a customer flagged her down. Apparently she didn’t want to be doing any kind of customer service. Well, Customer Service is in *every* Walmart Employee’s Job Description, regardless. I don’t think it’s right that she didn’t want to deal with customers, or that she called Royanna at home to complain about me.

When I got to work on Tuesday, I told Veronica what had happened on Sunday. She was upset, of course. She told me I am doing everything I’m supposed to be, and doing well at it. (Thursday) She had me talk to Becky, an assistant manager who’s over our department, and Becky said the same thing, I’m doing my job, and doing well. She also said to me that Veronica is my boss, and that’s that. I don’t need to worry about what anyone else says, as long as I’m doing what Veronica has told me. And I am. So when Gwen got in on Thursday, I guess Becky had a little chat with her, because she wouldn’t say a word to me the entire evening, but would speak to other people who were right next to me. And this woman is older than me! Immature!

I had my party on Friday, details to come.

Yesterday, Royanna had a few things to say to me, and did not do it in private. In front of another associate, she told me that I need to be working freight, and that Becky is not my boss! So, I immediately went to talk to Becky. I also met Pam, the Store Manager, for the first time, and under these circumstances! She was VERY nice! She told me that this is why other associates have quit, because of Royanna not understanding the associate’s chain of command, and causing problems like this. Veronica had told me that every time she went on vacation, the person quit. I can imagine, knowing what I know now. Royanna probably gets worse when Veronica isn’t there to keep her in line! I guess Pam and Becky want to get everyone together to have a nice little chit chat so everyone is clear on my job duties, and Pam told me that if Royanna continues to be like this, they will put me in Division 1, so I can still work there, but Royanna can’t say anything. Sounds good to me!

So, my party:

There were a good number of ladies there, and it was a great time. I made over $550 that night, and I was ecstatic. There were a couple things that irritated me. Two ladies, quite a bit older than me, were wanting to giggle and talk for about 5 minutes after seeing each product. This was slowing everything down, and what should have been a 3 hour party turned into a 6 hour party. And they almost broke the demo Gigi because they were flailing it around and laughing… because it’s made of silicone so it’s flexible like that. And there was a girl there that kept saying “Umm, Amber” in a rude tone, causing the room to fall silent, so she could ask me a stupid question that had already been answered as a statement about 5 minutes earlier. This was all getting on my nerves, but I still made a LOT of money. I definitely need to learn how to maintain crowd control… I thought all was well and good, until yesterday when I finally got around to checking my email.

Before going to the party, I asked the hostess if the other consultant (who I got the lead from) had sent her *anything.* She said *no.* So then she sends me an email yesterday evening telling me that she was going through all the things the other consultant sent her, since she can throw it away now, and she ran across the other consultant’s hostess rewards program, which is ridiculously different from mine. So I guess she felt she should have gotten those benefits instead of the ones I have outlined on my site. But… wait a tick… she LIED TO ME! She told me she hadn’t received anything from the other consultant!! WTF?! I probably would have just matched the other consultant’s rewards, but she lied to me! I addressed that little part of it, and she just continued to spit out more lies! WTF?!?!?! So, I think she’s going to just deal with what she got, which is good for me, because I don’t want to give my money away like that, to someone who’s dishonest. I do think I might alter my hostess rewards program to be a tad bit more rewarding, but I don’t know.

So, that about sums up my week, as far as anything *not* from Twitter…

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