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Casey and I slept in a bit on Christmas morning. We got up and I got some coffee and him some breakfast while the computer booted. Then he got on the Switch, so I got on the computer and did my free book & paid emails, then the Xbox for some Fallout 76. We did our thing until after Dave had gotten home and Casey was ready to open presents.

Casey was happy with everything he got, probably because he picked half of it out himself throughout the year. He got a Barbie kitchen set (I am not going to stop my child from playing with whatever he wants, plus then I can play Barbies with him sometimes!) and a couple trains and a book, as well as a Minecraft lego set he was pretty excited about.

After the presents had been opened, Casey and I went back to doing what we do. The Switch battery had died by then, and he had moved on to something else. He hadn’t been plugging in his electronics, though, and was running out of options.

I got him tucked into bed later than usual because he and Dave watched a movie together. Then I continued playing Fallout until I was ready for bed myself, also later than usual.

I had texted a little bit with Brad, but not much. I’m really missing spending time with him, and hope that he wants to again soon.

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