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Catching Up

I’ve gotten way too far behind!! Even looking at screenshots from as far back as I can is pointless because I don’t remember enough details for it to be worth writing down. So, I’ll just do my best to get everything caught up with and try to do better from here on out.

Greg was all moved in a few days before my birthday. We’d spent the Sunday before getting the last of his things. Then, the next day, we did some cleaning and organizing in preparation for my inspection on Tuesday. I was worried about the inspection, mostly because I needed it to not be obvious that I had someone else living here. By the time I put the last thing away on Tuesday morning, it was perfect. She didn’t say a thing about it, and barely looked around the place. I got the lease renewal signed and she was on her way.

Work’s been going ok, but I hate working with the new Assistant Store Lead, Sarah. She always finds a way to get out of cleaning the bathrooms, and she doesn’t let anyone be a self-starter. She has to micromanage everything and it annoys the hell out of me. I get that she’s on a higher pay grade than me, but a good manager lets people work on their own. At least she always offers me a chair for behind the register if it’s a night that I’ll be stuck there a lot.

Come to find out, of the 14 people who work at our store, 8 of them are going to be leaving over the next few months. Of those, one is a morning kitchen person and another is actually Sarah, but the rest are the 2nd-shifters. With my knee and now my ankle, I can’t be around for the aftermath of that. Oddly enough, a neighbor of mine, Kristine, told me about an opening for a part-time receptionist at the Econo Lodge here in town. I’d been considering a sit-down job since my ankle first went out on me. But it’s been better, and now I’m going without my ankle or my knee brace at work so they can’t be that bad. Once I found out about all the people leaving our store, it made my mind up to go ahead and apply for the other job.

Things are slowly wrapping up with Lisa. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m finally free of Dave, and I have an amazing guy. She doesn’t feel I’m quite ready to end therapy, but I’m getting pretty damn close. The big thing is my ability to handle stress without her. That was my last concern. Once we have that nailed down, it’ll be time to say goodbye.

Casey’s doing well. He spends most of his time when he’s here playing with his Lego Super Mario stuff, but Friday he had off school and spent a lot of time on Minecraft, on both his Switch and his phone. He’s gotten quite a lot of the Lego Mario stuff now. He gets things regularly from my parents, me, and even Dave.

Betty’s getting more and more snuggly and is spending more and more time outside of her cage now that she’s litter box trained. Whenever we go to the pet store, we take her with us so she can pick her own things out. She’s pretty decent at picking things out, too. Her and Greg are starting to bond more. He gives her treats regularly and pets her. He hasn’t held her yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. I’d like to find her a taller cage, but everything I see that’s taller has wheels and is meant to be on the floor.

Casey always asks about getting a boy Guinea Pig. Even after telling him that a single female can produce 40 pups a year. Actually, I think that made him want me to get a boy even more. I’d considered getting her a playmate, but she wasn’t interested. And with how often I’m cleaning her cage right now as it is, I really don’t want the added responsibility. Casey’s going to start helping more with chores, but I doubt he’d want to clean up after her that often either. So, since she’s happy enough without a playmate, it’s for the best that we not get one.

I think that pretty well sums up everything that’s gone on for the past few weeks. I’ll try getting back to my daily updates. Getting this far behind is just too difficult when it comes time to catch up.

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