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Carpal Tunnel

So, today I had the test for Carpal Tunnel. I had it sometime between 2002 and 2006 and I remember it hurt pretty bad, so I was prepared for it to be painful today as well. But, I guess I didn’t REALLY remember the pain. OWW it hurt! Yeah so I’ve been through childbirth, but this is a different kind of pain.

So, the neurologist that did the test said he can tell it’s really bad… the nerves in my right hand are pretty much shot. He couldn’t even get a reading through the actual carpal tunnel. He said otherwise my nerves respond quicker than average, which he said just means that what shows up as bad on the test is actually even worse for me.

So, it looks like I’ll have to have surgery. It’ll be about a 4 week process altogether. First I’d have them fix my right hand since it’s worse, and then there’s a 2 week recovery and then they’d do the left. I will still be able to lift, hold, and carry Casey, but will have to be sure to not put all his weight on the recovering side. And I’ll have to keep it clean & dry. I’m going to need some help for sure!

I go to the doctor on Tuesday to discuss the results of the test, and plan things out.

Thank the Lord for voice to text or I don’t know how I’d keep in touch with people. Of course my ears have to be bad, too, so have to limit my phone time too.

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