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Been a while…

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, there hasn’t been anything to say…

Really there’s only a couple things now…

My work did a “schedule bid” to pick a new schedule, tenured reps go first then they order it by stats. Almost all the schedules where wacky but I got one of the normal ones. Four 10 hour shifts, 7am-5:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I got one of Mandie’s mass IMs because despite my asking she won’t take me off the list. The IM thanked those who called, that she had the baby, very early, and everyone is fine. Dave had asked about her this weekend, and I wondered if he wanted me to rekindle the friendship. I mentioned it to my mom too and she wonders if this will keep her from being bored and lonely, which at times I’ve felt has caused at least some of the tension. I have missed her, and she must miss me too considering her periodic requests to get together and talk. So, I don’t know. I congratulated her, she asked how I am and it was left at that.

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