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A pretty dopey post.

So, I had my MRI scheduled for tonight at 7. I kept having anxiety throughout the day, so kept having to take Xanax.

I played Wiz when I got home from dropping Casey off at school, leveled up pretty quick and then took a break to get a few things done before Casey came home from school. Went to Aldi for groceries, then came home and proceeded to eat a ton of food! lol.

Spent the afternoon doing the first couple dungeons of Darkmoor on Wiz. Felt pretty accomplished, I must say. Casey enjoyed watching from time to time, otherwise he was just on his tablet or eating. He had two lunches!!

Had leftover Chili for dinner before the MRI. I slept the whole way there. The chili might have been a mistake, I had gas throughout XD They had to put me further into the machine this time, so I was having anxiety throughout as well. Not fun.

Slept on and off on the way home, as well.

Now just winding down again for bed. Activity gets my adrenaline going and makes it hard to go right to sleep. Debating getting on Wiz to complete the final battles of Darkmoor.

That’s about it for today.

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