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So it’s now two weeks from closing… and I’m starting to feel more and more anxious. As time passes, it seems we have less and less breathing room between the closing costs and the $2300 extra assets we’re supposed to have to close. I wonder if we will still have to have that entire amount in our savings account come close, and provide proof of it? I really don’t even understand how we went from having about $1000 extra breathing room, down to only $144 and change? I’m terrified that we’ll get to close day and everything will fall apart, and we will lose the home. Not to mention, Dave has already said he only got like 35 hours for last week, and part of what we’re counting on to make it through our close is him getting 50. I’ve gotten more hours than expected, which will help a little… but, with only $144 breathing room now, I’m stressing big time. So long as we won’t have to have proof at close that the $2300 is still in savings, we’ll be just peachy. That’s something I should find out… without letting on to our lenders that money is *so* tight for us right now in anticipation of the big day.

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