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20 Week Appointment

Only a week late… lol.

Last week was pretty hectic. The appointment went fine, and was short and sweet. Everything’s fine, the baby’s at my belly button now.

After the appointment I stopped by Burlington Coat Factory to inquire about furniture. The original plan was to buy the furniture when my parents are in town. I had my mom on the phone and we asked the worker a lot of questions. It turns out, which I had forgotten, the furniture takes 8 to 12 weeks to arrive. My dad wants to be able to help putting the crib together, so clearly we’d have to have it already when he got here. But, they’ll be here in less than 8 weeks now!

So, this weekend me and hubby spent planning for baby. On Saturday, after a big, delicious lunch at Famous Dave’s Barbecue, we headed to Burlington to pay for the furniture and do the registry there. We happened to have four 20% off one item coupons, and used those to save a little over $200 on our purchase!! Then we started on our registry. At first we were just kind of adding stuff but then happened to find more monkey stuff (baby’s room will be monkeys) so we got more of that on the list.

We didn’t put stuff like the stroller or car seat on the registry, and probably won’t because we’d rather buy them ourselves. If we put it on the registry, and that one is not in stock, how do we know the person buying it will pick one that is as safe as the one we picked?

We are still doing another registry at Walmart, and that’ll probably be it. There’s not a Burlington up by my Wisconsin family, but there is a Walmart.

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